Incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1962, Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd remains one of the oldest manufacturers of cotton yarn in Bangladesh. Converted to a Public Limited Company in 1967, the Mill’s manufacturing units are located in Ishurdi Pabna.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be a prime yarn manufacturer in the country through maintaining the best quality and commitment.

Mission: To provide the finest quality products through its skilled workforce, establishing state of the art technology and zero adverse impact on the environment.

Core Values

Respect. Professionalism. Perseverance. These are the core values that define culture and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.


For 55+ years, our ideas, technology and people have created monumental impact: real turning points that have transformed lives, industries and society as a whole.


We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.


We have one of the industry's strongest portfolios. Our team of researchers is constantly improving today’s technology.


More than 50+ Years Experience IN TEXTILES sector


We are committed to manufacturing only premium quality yarn with highest quality cotton.