Message from the Managing Director & CEO

On behalf of the Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd. team and myself, I would like to warmly welcome those of you who visit this site.

Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd. is dedicated and passionate manufacture of best yarn using the latest trends and processes.Given its key strategic location, Bangladesh is poised to deliver world class value, time and time again as a premier manufacturing base. The support of the Government and a period of continued economical stability have ensured that Bangladesh today remains a competitive destination for production and manufacture.

Our factory beside Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Iswardi status with developed road and air links, empowers Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd. to offer its customers a unique selling proposition, merging working conditions and health and safety concerns with a respect for the environment and long-term ethical sustainability.

Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd. offers a minimal carbon footprint, taking advantage of its elevation and geography to add to its green credentials. Such positioning enables Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd. to offer its customers access to a low-cost business model with a competitive edge.

More than 50 years' yarn manufacturing know-how give us the edge over other competitors.

The secret of the company’s success thus far can be credited to the key connections and relationships maintained driving customer trust and loyalty.

Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd. believed in loyalty & trust.

Muhammad Mizanur Rahman
Managing Director & CEO
Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd.